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When I started collecting over 30 some odd years ago, there wasn't much information about old paperbacks (that's what we called them) available. There were maybe 500 to 600 of us, held together by a mimeographed newsletter/fanzine. For years I was probably the only collector in my area of the country. Thus, I was fortunate enough to amass quite a few different vintage paperbacks before the supply seriously dwindled. These Galleries give me a chance to share with you (and show off) some of my favorite GGA Cover Girls. Each Gallery is of a genre or subject that I have found interesting. Clicking on any thumbnail will take you to that page. Enjoy.

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Alabam' Thumbnail Artists' Models Hill Billy in High Heels Thumbnail Backwoods Hussies Born To Be Bad Thumbnail Bad Girls Bell Records #10 Thumbnail Bell Records The Jewels Of Jade Thumbnail Bill Wenzel
Female Convict ThumbnailCaged Heat Street Walker Thumbnail Call Girls Madball Thumbnail Carnie Girls Crazy Thumbnail Crazy Marijuana Thumbnail Drugs
The Gang Girls Thumbnail Gang Girls, Girl Gangs Don't Ever Love Me ThumbnailGun Molls Don't Cry Now Thumbnail Hank Janson Spoiled Lives Thumbnail Heade Covers If He Hollers Let Him Go Thumbnail If He Hollers
D For Delinquent Thumbnail Juvenile Delinquents, JD, Juvies Lure for Love Thumbnail Leg Art Sadist On The Loose! ThumbnailNovel Book Books Peeping Tom ThumbnailPeeping Toms Weep For Me Thumbnail Pussy-Whipped
Her Private Hell Thumbnail Paul Rader Covers Ringside Jezebel Thumbnail Ringside Jezebel School for Girls Thumbnail School Girls The Land Of Esa ThumbnailGGA Science Fiction Strange Sisters ThumbnailStrange Sisters
Strip Tease Girl Thumbnail Strippers Swamp Girl Thumbnail Swamp Babes Overboard Thumbnail This Babe Is In Trouble No Virgins In Cham Ky Thumbnail Vietnam Vixens Trapped ThumbnailViolent Femmes
Wayward Nurse Thumbnail Wayward Nurses

Potential Topics are endless. Here is another one I'm working on:

  • Pin-Up Girls

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