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Great topics like Juvies, Drugs, Call Girls and Gun Molls eventually lead to Prison. Here we get all of those hot, beautiful dames behind bars giving the paperback writers another opportunity to pusue that popular Lesbian theme. Here are those groups of two or three women, often in their underwear, glowering and gazing lovingly at one another. The GGA part of the cover art is great but there's not much variety. So let's look at a few of them:

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Women In Prison Thumbnail Wow! This is about as obvious as it gets. Also has overtones of the veteran inmate trying to exploit the new girl. As with many lesbian covers, the blond - dark hair juxtaposition gives the feeling of opposites.
Prison Girl Thumbnail This is just a nice sensual cover by the great Robert Maguire who specialized in girls and women alone. She looks right at you daring you to say something but she is unobtainable.
The Cage ThumbnailNot all of our women are locked up in prison. Here we get the White Slave angle, a favorite since the mid 1800s. This is an early Harlequin before they specialized in insipid Romance books. Their cover art was spotty, going from the primitive to some pretty nice covers. You'll find a couple more in these pages.
Reformatory Girls ThumbnailReform School is where our Gang Girls end up. They're still more interested in busting the place up and breaking a few heads than becoming 'Strange Sisters'. There's a later printing below.
After the Big House ThumbnailAnd what happens to these girls after they get out of the Big House? They make this Parole Officer's day. I bet he doesn't have many days like this.
After the Big House ThumbnailThen we have the Novel Book Books with their totally over-the-top, outrageous, wild covers. I have decided to devote a whole page to these gems. You can go to the Novel Book page to see more.
She-Devil Thumbnail Finally we have the She-Devil on the other side of the bars. Nice turn about.

Here are a few more:

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