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This is my Guest Page where you can show your favorite GGA Cover. I know there are lots of great covers out there, so how about it? Share!! If you wish to make a submission, click Here for more information.

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Covers submitted by Michael Cocksedge.
Season For Sin Thumbnail Hi, have been collecting digest books for a few years now, saw your page and thought I would send a few pics to you. You can find me on Flickr under 'Micksidge'
Here are a few more:
Bodies On Fire Thumbnail Raise The Devil Thumbnail Tease The Wild Flame Thumbnail Wild Oats Thumbnail Flesh Is Weak Thumbnail

Here are two Venus Books covers submitted by Steve Wallace. Love the Big Time Girl with the mirror. Thanks.
Big Time Girl ThumbnailLady With A Past Thumbnail Here's a sample of some of the GGA covers I've collected over the years... you can see them at flickr.com - swallace99 is my user name.

Covers submitted by Dennis S Orellana. Some great stuff. Thanks.
White Trash Thumbnail I particularly get a kick outta the backwoods books...too funny! I think White Trash might be the holy grail of this group. White Trash is unsigned...sorry to say! Why everyone in the U.S. doesn't collect these (digests) is a mystery to me. They are sooooooo american.

She Tried to be Good ThumbnailMy very first book i got was She Tried To Be Good...i still think that's the very best sleaze digest of all (better than reform school girl even). It has great art, great title (humor!), and one of those deliciously goofy guys in the background.
Suzy Needs (and gets) A Man ThumbnailFinally Suzy Needs A Man...a dazzling robe! It's almost 3-D. George Gross. MY HERO!!! I just love the guy on that cover...such a dweeb.
Here are a few more:
Bedtime Blonde Thumbnail Dime a Dance Queen Thumbnail Red Headed Wench Thumbnail Yellow-Head Thumbnail

Covers submitted by Larry Lasseter who loves the 'Bad Girls". I do too so check out my Bad Girl page next.
Bad as the Rest! Thumbnail I have not been collecting for very long but what I lack in longevity I have made up for in intensity. My main interests, by far, are all of the amazing dame digests. I have managed to put together several interesting and fun "theme" collections. This is one of my favorite of the "themes".
Here are a few more:
Bad Woman Thumbnail Bad Girl Thumbnail Call Me Bad Thumbnail Born To Be Bad Thumbnail Glad To Be Bad Thumbnail

Cover submitted by BetweenTheLines who writes on-line about 'old books' and is another fan of Bad Girl books.
Lady Be Bad Thumbnail BTL claims that this is "one of the best you'll ever see!" And one of the scarcest.

Cover submitted by Ron Shirley who started collecting about a year ago and 'specializes' in stocking covers but admits he gets tempted by other GGA covers too. Stockings are good but they go around Legs (Yes, I do have a leg art page).
The Scarf Thumbnail The second paperback printing of The Scarf by Robert Bloch. Avon 494, 1952. In my opinion, the most beautiful gga ever made. Look at that purple bedspread.

Cover submitted by Eric Maloney from New Hampshire.
Hard-Boiled Thumbnail My favorite is "Hard-Boiled" because of the colors, which are unusually subdued for the genre; they make for an interesting effect.

Here's a great Red Circle book with cover art by Charles Andres sent in by Chris McMillan who promises to submit some more great covers soon.
Body Or Soul Thumbnail
As promised, here are a few more from Chris. These covers are by Robert Bonfils, one of the better cover artists from the 1960s.
Million Dollar Tramp Thumbnail Pillow Tramp Thumbnail Lash Of Desire Thumbnail

Covers submitted by John Date who loves P.G. Wodehouse and the humorous covers his writings have generated.
Ice In The Bedroom Thumbnail This Pan edition of Ice in the Bedroom is my favorite P.G. Wodehouse cover, pregnant with meaning. A great read, dotted with conniving females.
Here are a few more:
Plum Pie Thumbnail The Code Of The Woosters Thumbnail The Girl On The Boat Thumbnail Quick Service Thumbnail

Covers submitted by Dave E. who seems to like buxom girls.
Scarlet Adventuress Thumbnail Here's a 1936 digest which I have never seen before. Has a great see-through cover.
Here are a few more:
Emotions Of Fire Thumbnail The Golden Jungle Thumbnail Love Champ Thumbnail Hotrod Sinners Thumbnail The Old Battle Ax Thumbnail

Cover submitted by Sean Nolan.
Say It With Bullets Thumbnail Thanks, your page is wonderful. Please add my book to the guest page.

Dan K. submitted his favorite Reginald Heade cover. Check out mine here .
Shuna And The Lost Tribe Thumbnail I've been browsing around on your GGA site -- lots of good, interesting stuff there. I've been an admirer of Reginald Heade's art for some years, so was glad to see your page about him with some cover art that I hadn't seen before. I am sending a scan of a Heade cover that's not on your page.
Dan sent a few more of his favorites:
You'll Never Get Me Thumbnail Torment Thumbnail Willing Sinners Thumbnail

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