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I wasn't sure I could find enough interesting covers but there are more out there than I thought. It doesn't seem like there is much variety (a leg is a leg is a leg) but I know there are people who really like them - and legs can certainly grab your attention, as in the cover on the left. That and those colors.

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Leg Art Virgin Thumbnail The same cover as the one above sans the garish colors. These legs make up about 3/5ths of the body. Is that possible or just an exaggerated fetish?
Murder Doll Thumbnail Phantom Books seems to be the gold standard of 50's sleaze digest. Don't know why but they do fetch a premium when they come along. The authors and cover artists are similar to other runs; it is a short run but so are others and there are others that are as scarce. If you know, tell me and I will add it to this page.
Coffin For A Cutie ThumbnailOne of Reginald Heade's finest cover. You can see more of his great work at the Reginald Heade page.
Kill Now, Pay Later Thumbnail Hard Case Crime books is a recent imprint that reprints older hardboiled titles as well as some originals. They also produce some new GGA vintage cover art including this work by Robert McGinnis. He is the master of leggy women.
Dime Detective Thumbnail Some of the pulps also did nice leg work.
Bell Records #10 ThumbnailOK - why is there a record cover here? Well, Bell Records were distributed by Pocket Books. For the whole story, go to the Bell Records page.
I Should Have Stayed Home ThumbnailLegs Photo Thumbnail Where did cover artists get their ideas? Here's a 1950 photo by a French fashion photographer who inspired this one.

Here are a few more:

Leg Artist Thumbnail Dark Street Murders Thumbnail Dead Certain Thumbnail Blackmail, Inc. Thumbnail Any Man's Girl Thumbnail Venus makes Three Thumbnail Stairway to Death Thumbnail
Crime Lab Mystery Magazine Thumbnail Living It Up Thumbnail The Big Night Thumbnail Untamed Darling Thumbnail Giveaway Thumbnail Sex In Business Thumbnail Operation: Sex Thumbnail
Waterfront Lust Sinners Thumbnail Office Casanova Thumbnail My Private Hangman Thumbnail The Show Girls Thumbnail Connie Thumbnail All The Girls He Wanted Thumbnail I'll Get You For This Thumbnail
The Night Was Made For Murder Thumbnail Margie Is For Loving Thumbnail House Dick Thumbnail The Spiked Heel Thumbnail Julie Thumbnail I Was A $100.00 A Night Call Girl Thumbnail Stud Phoney Thumbnail

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