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While England only had one premier "girlie" paperback cover artist in Reginald Heade, America had several, and Paul Rader was one of the best. Like Heade, not much was known about Rader until recently, when, thanks to the efforts of Lynn Munroe, we had some information. Since then, Elaine Rader has put up a web site devoted to her father's work: www.paulrader.com. Also see Munroe's excellent and well illustrated piece in the February 2004 (#9) issue of Illustration, and the Rader Checklist on his own web site. Rader worked almost exclusively for Midwood, one of the 1960s sleaze publishers, so he never got the recognition he deserves. His style seemed to strive for depth and had a 3-dimensional quality, like the cover for Her Private Hell, where he uses a mirror to give us 2 views of the subject. This reminds me of many Victorian erotic Postcards, where mirrors were often used to double the erotic impact and interest. Rader also used unusual perspectives as in Connie, Sudden Hunger and several other images shown below. He did so many lovely women, it's hard to pick and choose, but I tried. Take a look:

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Pagan Summer Thumbnail Rader did several covers with 2 or 3 girls, nude or semi-nude, the kind men like, while striving for a lesbian interest (See Party Time below). Reginald Heade's girls are strictly fantasy, while Rader's girls seem improbable but possible ... maybe.
Connie Thumbnail Rader liked to look at girls from either end. Here is one of Rader's spectacular views from the bottom end. Sudden Hunger, The Payoff and The Cheaters have a similar perspective, Million Dollar Mistress, Thorn of Evil and Birth of a Tramp come at it from the other end (Shown bellow). Nice.
Million Dollar Mistress ThumbnailHere is one of Rader's more spectacular covers, with a gorgeous girl and great color. And it's a Clyde Allison original novel to boot!! Paperback heaven.
When Lights are Low ThumbnailMost of Rader's girls are voluptuous and have a hard edge. However, he could also do innocent beauty as the blond on this cover. On many lesbian covers, the blonde was usually represented the feminine and the dark hair or skin was the masculine.

Here are a few more:

Passionately Yours, Eve Thumbnail Party Girls Thumbnail Sudden Hunger Thumbnail Horizontal Secretary Thumbnail The Payoff Thumbnail The Cheaters Thumbnail Thorn of Evil Thumbnail Birth of a Tramp Thumbnail
Unwilling Sinner Thumbnail Restless Virgin Thumbnail 21 Gay Street Thumbnail The Blonde Thumbnail Unnatural Thumbnail Touch Me Gently Thumbnail Pattern For Panic Thumbnail Winner Take All Thumbnail

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