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Lesbian fiction was practically born in the paperbacks. Gold Medal started it with Spring Fire which was an instant best seller. It was well written and sold to lesbian women who identified with the characters and to men who fantasized about them. Gold Medal published more and others quickly jumped on the bandwagon. Those looking for them soon came to recognize the key words and phrases in the titles, such as: twilight love; the path between; unnatural love; forbidden love; warped desire and Strange Sisters shown here. If you like these books, Jaye Zimet recently ran with this title and published Strange Sisters: The Art of Lesbian Pulp Fiction 1949-1969 with over 200 covers. Here are a few of mine:

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Girls Dormitory Thumbnail While not specifically stated, many books with groups of girls have a lesbian interest and usually lesbian characters. Some of these are dormitories, prisons, women's military barracks or just shared apartments. These 'girls' are often in twos and threes, semi-undressed and looking sexy. This cover is by one of Midwood's best, Paul Rader.
We Walk Alone Thumbnail Lesbiana covers were usually either very tastefully done or quite lurid. Most of Gold Medal's covers were in the tasteful camp. They were well written and appealed to women. The lurid covers tended to pose two or three women in provocative ways like the one above. Ann Aldrich is actually a woman and not a pseudonym for a man as was the case for later books.
Party Time ThumbnailAnother three-some from a little later when publishers got a little more daring. This one shows another common cover feature of lesbian cover art, and that is the blond and brunette. The blonds were understood to be the feminine side and the dark (sometimes short) hair is the masculine. These nuances became less subtle in the late 1960s with titles like Killer Dyke and Lesbian Lure.
The Desperate Dyke ThumbnailAnd The Desperate Dyke. Do these books ever go overboard? I don't think so -- do you?

Here are a few more:

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Forbidden Sex Thumbnail Twilight Lovers Thumbnail Queer Affair Thumbnail Twisted Loves of Nym O'Sullivan Thumbnail A Labor Of Love Thumbnail Girl Artist Thumbnail Perfume And Pain Thumbnail
When Girls Get Together Thumbnail Sex, Broadway Thumbnail Her Private Hell Thumbnail Lesbian Lover Thumbnail The Fear And The Guilt Thumbnail Strange Desires Thumbnail Wild Spree Thumbnail
21 Gay Street Thumbnail Pagan Summer Thumbnail Stripper Dyke Thumbnail The Whispered Sex Thumbnail Lesbian Hell Thumbnail French Alley Thumbnail

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