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Strip tease dancers have a special place in the sexual fantasies of American males. Here are attractive young women willing to take off their clothes for you. Men are very familiar with the tease part, but the women on these covers don't stop there. They are not shy or ashamed but sexually brazen. We don't want to marry them but....! They fall into that category of 'bad girls', which starts with those adolescent Gang Girls, moves on to the showy Carnival Girls, then to the the Strippers, and finally to the Call Girls.
In Vintage Paperback art, most strippers are wholesome, innocent looking girls who are just having fun and showing off for a group of great young guys. The sleaze publishers showed a bit more of the hard edge but most of these never made it into the open racks on the news-stand. Here are a few of my favorites:

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Her Life to Live Thumbnail Here is a great example of the innocent girl stripping for a few drunks who are trying to pull her dress off. Everybody is just having fun, including the about to be naked girl. I guess these were more innocent times. This cover is by the great Earle Bergey who was best known for his brass brassiere science fiction pulp covers.
The Mirrored Orgy ThumbnailAnybody's Woman Thumbnail This unusual, almost matching covers, are much less subtle and come from one of the Sleaze houses. No innocence here. The blurb on one cover speaks to the 1950's male fantasy that women strippers (and by extension, all women) want to be raped and like it. The sleaze publishers were quite crude but it is where many of men's ideas about women came from.
Strip Street ThumbnailStrip Street has a great Rudi Nappi cover which intimates that any ordinary guy (you!) can walk into the dressing room and have the attention of these lovely and available women. If this cover were done 20 years later, a couple of these women would probably be naked or at least topless. Remember this was the 50's.
Count Me In ThumbnailNot really a stripper but what a great cover!
Strip Artist ThumbnailThe cover for Strip Artist is unusual in that it is much more stylized than what you will find with most Sleaze publishers (which Playtime certainly was) of the time. The 60s were a time of change where realism gave way to psychadelasized art - blue women with yellow and green hair. The blurb speaks to another male fantasy that women like to be naked (attractive women, that is!)

Here you'll find a few more from both the innocent and the not so innocent camps:

A Lady Named Lou Thumbnail Burlesque Girl Thumbnail Saturday Mountain Thumbnail The Private Life of a 
Strip-Tease Artist Thumbnail End of a Stripper Thumbnail Stag Stripper Thumbnail Strip Street Thumbnail
Stag Stripper Thumbnail Escape Into Vice Thumbnail Green Light of Death Thumbnail Stag Party Girl Thumbnail Scream Bloody Murder Thumbnail Lure of Burlesque Thumbnail Of G-Stings and Strippers Thumbnail
Gang Mistress Thumbnail Port Of Passion Thumbnail Ladies Of The Red Lamp Thumbnail Escape Thumbnail The Divine Passion Thumbnail The Gifted Thumbnail Stag Night Thumbnail
Time For Love Thumbnail Blaze Thumbnail Stag Stripper Thumbnail A Woman Of Paris Thumbnail Tawny Thumbnail A Lady Named Lou Thumbnail A Lady Named Lou Thumbnail
Stripper Dyke Thumbnail Passion Minx Thumbnail Stripper! Thumbnail Her Unholy Flame Thumbnail The Hot Beat Thumbnail Strip-Tease Queen Thumbnail Stag Show Thumbnail
Sinners Chorus Thumbnail The G-String Murders Thumbnail The Sins Of Billy Serene Thumbnail Sin Show Thumbnail Salambo Thumbnail Passion Prodigal Thumbnail On With The Dance!
The Topless Tulip Caper Hollywood Stripper The Lust Circuit

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