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Here's another popular paperback genre. There's something very titillating about watching someone who is unaware of being observed. Their guard is down - who knows what they might do in the privacy of their own space. It's like being a fly on the wall. In paperbacks it is mostly men watching women, in their bedrooms, undressing. Why are they watching? Why aren't the shades drawn? Are these the closet strippers, putting on a covert show? Anyway, enjoy watching the watcher watching the watched.

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Peeping Tom Thumbnail One of the enduring mysteries of the Paperback World. Why were the stockings on the forward woman re-painted. Was the earlier version [up top] too risque? Let me know.
Peeping Tom Thumbnail The first two books here are both titled Peeping Tom but are quite different. The one above is very popular and has the stylized keyhole. The keyhole reminds one of the early Dell mapbacks that used the keyhole with an eye logo. Here you provide the eye and see not one but two voluptuous maidens undressing only for you. The one on the left is the more conventional and realistic depiction of this creepy scene. There is a slight indication that the girl is aware of being watched.
Swamp Girl Thumbnail Here we go again. This book also belongs in the Swamp Girl gallery but is more interesting for its Peeping Tom aspect. The thing that I'm fascinated about is the shotgun. Is she leading this cretan into a trap? Will she blow his head off?
I Prowl By Night Thumbnail This is a typical Beacon cover of a beautiful young girl in a state of semi-undress... except for that one little creepy element. It actually took awhile for me to notice the peeper. Does it spoil an otherwise lovely cover? Another peeper got there ahead of you.
The Gay Nurses Thumbnail The Peeping Tomie. Who said the peeper had to be male? Here we have two peepers apparantly performing for each other. Where will all this lead? Then there are the Snooping Toms on the Infidelity cover shown below.
Bachelor Girl Thumbnail Finally, here's your chance to be the voyeur. And then there's the title. Bachelor girl was an early attempt to supplant the term 'old maid' with a more political correct term that tried to equate the unmarried girl's life with that of a bachlor. A bachelor was a bachelor by choice while the old maid was a rejected girl who couldn't find a mate.

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