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Here are the Ten (or so) latest additions to the Cover Galleries:

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No Virgins In Cham Ky Thumbnail At last! A copy of No Virgins In Cham Ky, a terrific cover from Robert Bonfils to go into my meager Vietnam page. A true rarity.
Eye Of Lust Thumbnail Never pass up a cover by Robert Bonfils. By 1967 it was OK to show nipples, even on non-native girls, although it is hard to imagine what is going on here. The "hurricane of passion" must have blown her clothes away.Find it on my Swamp Girls page.
Dream Club Thumbnail Here's a book I've been wanting to add to my Drugs page for some time but it was always too pricey for me. Then I found it at a book sale, stuck among a bunch of Sociology hardcover books and got it for next to nothing. You never know!
Boy Crazy Thumbnail Boy Crazy reprints Zip-Gun Angels which you can also find on the Girl Gangs page. Only reason to re-title it is to sell it twice, I suppose.
Silken Menace ThumbnailBack Cover ThumbnailBritish Hank Janson books are difficult to find. Those with cover art by Reginald Heade are almost impossible. This Top Fiction book not only has a Heade cover but another one on the back cover. Doesn't get any better than that. See all the Heade covers on the Reginald Heade page.
Sadist On The Loose! Thumbnail Novel Books are in a league of their own with such outrageous covers that I decided they need a page of their own. You can go to the Novel Books page to see more.
Naked Tales Thumbnail A nice addition to my Strippers page. Click here to see many more.
Room And Dame Thumbnail Am coming up with a lot of Call Girl stuff lately. Here's one great Quarter Books. See my others at the Call Girl page
Satan's Sister Thumbnail I find it almost impossible to pass up any Reginald Heade cover. This is a particularly nice Gun Moll and can be seen on the Gun Molls page.

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