GGA Pyramid Books
Love Camp Thumbnail

Founded in 1949, the Almat Publishing Co intended to publish exclusively paperbacks, but they also wound up publishing several magazines like Men's Magazine and Challenge. Pyramid Books was around for quite awhile and is known for a mix of Westerns and Mysteries, plus quite a few slightly erotic books, often influenced by their magazine line. This was also true for their covers which took on a slightly sleazy tone, for example, Love Camp shown on the left. Take a fairly generic cover and slap on a couple of swastikas and, voila, that favorite 50s mix of Nazis, women and sex.

The early Pyramids are very collectible with many nice covers by Julian Paul, Harry Schaare, Bob Maguire and others; as well as a number of later Sax Rohmer books and the Green Door Mystery line. They also did more race related books than most (See the If He Hollers section).

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